About Us

Pratinidhi Manthan is an Indian Hindi monthly magazine published every month from New Delhi India.

Pratinidhi Manthan is initiated by Indiamanthan Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd. with a vision to showcase the success stories and the struggle behind any individual who is leading any organization (Political and non-political).

We believe Pratinidhi Manthan will be a good source of knowledge & motivation from the great leaders or upcoming leaders in our nation.

Pratinidhi Manthan will surely help you to understand the right path towards success in any field of your life, no matter in which field you are and how much knowledge you have. It is just a matter of your willpower. If you believe in Success, and you pay for it, you will get it for sure.

In Pratinidhi Manthan, we cover the interviews of Local, Regional, and National Leaders. It also covers the individuals who are doing great by helping others and making community-based business models.

If you have someone, who is doing this kind of work in your area, please contact us, will be happy to publish their success story in our Magazine.

Pratinidhi Manthan belongs to Indiamanthan Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd. The Other Magazines, such as The CEO Magazine, Startupcity Magazine also belongs to us.

Pratinidhi Manthan